Salon 30: How do Finnish DIY movements thrive?

Wednesday 11 December, 1300-1430h

Public Panel Discussion Event

A Grid / Otakaari 5, A208d Jeti
Aalto University
02150 Espoo

Campus map

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) isn’t just about fixing up your mökki. It covers all kinds of activities such as music making, repair groups or grassroots urban action. It sometimes makes use of neglected or leftover spaces such as garages, abandoned supermarkets or wastelands. Often placed outside mainstream locations, it also tears up rulebooks, writes its own procedures, invents its own ways of doing things and anti-expertise. Do DIY movements require deliberate amateurism? What is necessary for DIY cultures to thrive? What characterises Finnish DIY scenes? How can they resist their appropriation into orthodox, mainstream markets or policy systems? Or, should we not worry about this? We will discuss these and many more questions.



Giacomo Botta, University of Helsinki, co-editor of  Nocturnes:  Popular Music and the Night
Hella Hernberg, Aalto University, editor of Helsinki Beyond Dreams:  Actions Towards a Creative and Sustainable Hometown
Toni-Matti Karjalainen, Aalto University, editor of  Sounds of Origin in Heavy Metal Music
Cindy Kohtala, Aalto University, co-editor of Changing Helsinki?:  Eleven Views on a City Unfolding

Chair, Guy Julier

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