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Salon 8 – How has digital technology changed the dynamics of the designer start-up?

Friday 7 February, 1900h Seminar Room 1:¬† Sackler Centre, Victoria & Albert Museum In an economy no longer focused on mass production, designers have had to be innovative and inventive in finding models through which they can start their businesses … Continue reading

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Salon 7 — Reflections on Transparent Design

How we think about the information that is embedded into design or that accompanies it in its processes and products is inextricably linked to the larger contexts of political economy. The misinformation or, at least, misapprehensions that have surrounded the … Continue reading

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Salon 7 — Transparent Design: what does it mean?

Friday 10th January, 1900h Seminar Room 1: ¬†Sackler Centre, the Victoria & Albert Museum From banking to national security, the notion of transparency has been a popular subject of late and was high on the agenda at the G8 summit … Continue reading

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