Salon 7 — Transparent Design: what does it mean?

Friday 10th January, 1900h
Seminar Room 1:  Sackler Centre, the Victoria & Albert Museum

From banking to national security, the notion of transparency has been a popular subject of late and was high on the agenda at the G8 summit last year. Transparency, openness and provenance are also emerging as strong principles in contemporary design practice, across a range of disciplines. But what does transparency mean in a design context? Does it mean different things to different people? How has it changed the relationship between the designer and consumer? How has open data changed things? What are the ethics and politics of transparency and is this is being adequately factored into design practice?

Chair: Kevin Walker, Head of Information Design, RCA

Jessi Baker, Founder of Provenance and PhD Candidate, UCL
Alison Powell,  Assistant Professor in Media and Communication, LSE
Martin Dittus, Trustee and Founding Member of London Hackspace
Gillian Youngs, Professor of Digital Economy, University of Brighton

This event is free but booking is essential.
If the booking page shows as ‘fully booked’ please email g.julier[@] to reserve a place.

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